Manuscript Collection Subject Guide

The Whitney Library has particularly strong collections in the following areas. A full description of each collection is available on the Manuscript Collections page.

Carriage Industry

MSS 59    Pardee Family

MSS B6    W.C. Dickerman & Co.

MSS B14    Dann Brothers & Co.

MSS B38    Blake-Mix Family

MSS B56    New Haven Business and Civic Organizations, A-Z

MSS B59     C. Cowles & Co.

MSS 245    Carriages and Early Automobiles


MSS 17    New Haven Schools

MSS 46    West End Institute

MSS 78    Neighborhood Music School

MSS 137    Leila Day Nursery

MSS 272     Tamara L. Compton [Mary Hunter Wolf] (arts education)

MSS 278     Goffe Street Special School

MSS 294    English Speaking Union, New Haven and Southern CT Branch

MSS 300    Ralph J. Welter (school notebooks)

MSS B16    Hillhouse High School

MSS B23    Charles Henry Keller

MSS B25    Stirling School

MSS B26     New Haven Board of Education

MSS B34    George H. Post (school notebooks and ledgers)

MSS B45    Marion Campbell Sheridan

Immigrant Groups

MSS 71    Ukrainian National Woman’s League of America, Branch 108

MSS 72    Ukrainian National Association, “Lubov,” Branch 370

MSS B7    William C. Celentano (Italian)

MSS B43    Stanley Joseph Palaski Papers (Polish)


MSS 18    Morris Family Papers

MSS 24    Henry Taylor Blake

MSS 35    Samuel Andrew Law

MSS 59A    William Scranton Pardee

MSS 60    Boardman Family

MSS 62    White Collection

MSS 68    Ingersoll Family Papers

MSS 90    Ralph Dunning Smyth Papers

MSS B13    Livingston Warner Cleaveland

MSS 274    John Q. Tilson Papers

MSS 298    Harrison Hewitt Papers

Maritime History

MSS 11     Woman’s Seamen’s Friends Society

MSS 20    New Haven Insurance Company (1797-1893)

MSS 25     Leffingwell Family

MSS 37    Records of the New Haven Towing Company & Gulf of Mexico Tow Boat Association

MSS 57 (A-F)    New Haven Harbor Collection


MSS 27    Daniel Read Papers

MSS 53    Woman’s Choral Society of New Haven

MSS 78    Neighborhood Music School

MSS 99    New Haven Music Collection

MSS 100    New Haven Symphony Orchestra

MSS B64    St. Ambrose Music Club

MSS B66     Joseph Burns Moore

MSS 247    Greater New Haven Federation of Musicians

Personal Diaries

MSS 6        Wallace Dwight Humiston (1908-38)

MSS 16    George Henry Durrie (1845-46)

MSS 58    Women’s Collection

MSS 130    Jennie Gilbert Jerome (1888-1979)

MSS B48    Benjamine Augustus Cooke (Joseph Cooke’s travel diary)

MSS B72    Frederick Saunders (1878-1911)

MSS 252    Mix-Munson Family

MSS 256    Samuel Rogers (1849-1855)

Printers and Engravers

MSS 15    Durrie & Peck (book publishing/printing)

MSS 45    Joseph Parker & Son (blotting paper)

MSS 107    John Warner Barber (Engraving)

MSS 134    New Haven Printers and Engravers, A-Z

MSS 134A    Tuttle Morehouse & Taylor Company (Printing)

MSS 134B    Augustus Ezra Lines (Engraving)

MSS 134C    Richard Paine

Religious Institutions

MSS 6     Wallace Dwight Humiston (newspaper articles on churches)

MSS 9     United Church on the Green

MSS 84    Religious Organization Collections

MSS 105    Ithiel Town Papers (architect, Trinity Church)

MSS 115    New Haven and Area Church Records

MSS B17    New Haven Council of Churches

MSS B28    Edmund Sinnott Papers

MSS B54    Congregation Mishkan Israel

MSS B73    Church of the Redeemer

MSS B79    Rabbi Elliot B. Gertel

MSS B85    Trinity Church on the Green

AD 1        Frederick Davis papers (architect)

Women’s History

MSS 10     Thursday Club of New Haven

MSS 11    Woman’s Seamen’s Friend Society

MSS 17    New Haven Schools (Box 3: Girl’s Boarding Schools)

MSS 17A    Lydia Bowles Newcomb

MSS 19    Daughters of ’53 (Ahavas Achus)

MSS 21    United Order of True Sisters. New Haven No. 4, Jochebed Lodge

MSS 30     Fortnightly Club, New Haven, CT

MSS 31    Carmalt, Ethel, (1865-1959.) (Saturday Morning Club)

MSS 33     Lowell House Mothers’ Club, New Haven, CT

MSS 39    New Haven Study Club

MSS 44    North End Club

MSS 46    West End Institute (New Haven, CT)

MSS 50    Hattie Pierpont Fuller (daughter’s letters from Smith College)

MSS 53    Woman’s Choral Society of New Haven

MSS 58    Women’s Collection

MSS 71    Ukrainian National Women’s League of America. Branch 108

MSS 95    Daughters of the American Revolution. Connecticut. Mary Clap Wooster Chapter

MSS 110     Ruth McIntosh Cogswell

MSS 111    Our Society

MSS 130     Jennie Gilbert Jerome

MSS B45    Marion Campbell Sheridan

MSS B50     The Literary Box

MSS B64    St. Ambrose Music Club, Inc.

MSS B66    New Haven Women’s Philatelic Society

MSS B80    League of Women Voters of New Haven

MSS B82    Saturday Morning Club

MSS 260    New Haven Colony, National Society of New England Women

MSS 286     New Haven Woman’s Club

MSS 299    Greater New Haven Business and Professional Women’s Club

Visual Culture and Ephemera

MSS 65    Advertisement Cards, Letterheads, Receipts, and Miscellany

MSS B27    Scrapbooks Collection

MSS 110     Ruth McIntosh Cogswell

MSS B63    John O.C. McCrillis

MSS 282    Thompson Family Scrapbooks

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